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Who we support:

The Interval House

Interval House provides a continuum of services and a holistic approach to help women and children escape violence and rebuild their lives. We don’t just heal wounds behind locked doors, we nurture families from crisis intervention to re-integration into the workforce and the community with programs providing emotional support, practical help and life skills.

 The Karebear Community offers volunteer opportunities for the Interval House as well as funding $2200 plus $700 for toiletries in 2017/2018.

Sistering Drop in Centre

Sistering is a women's organization that offers practical and emotional support to women through programs which enable them to take greater control over their lives. Sistering provides information and referral to housing, education, health care, therapists, drug and alcohol treatment, legal services, case management and other community agencies and organizations. In addition to our practical services; daily hot meals, clothing, laundry and shower facilities, Sistering also provides counselling, crisis intervention, advocacy and emotional support to women who have experienced violence and trauma. 

The Karebear Community has funded $6000 and $500 for toiletries in 2018. 

Ann Davis Society

The Ann Davis Transition Society provides education, prevention and support services to those affected by abuse or violence which includes counselling, advocacy, crisis intervention, and therapy. 

The Karebear Community has funded $1000 thus far to help the transition for these women in 2018.  Located in Chilliwack B.C.

Breakfast Club Canada

Operating from coast to coast, the Breakfast Club of Canada helps feed 203,852 students every day in 1,598 schools across Canada. The Karebear Community has donated $1000 thus far in 2018 to help support children across Canada.

Sponsor a child / Nigeria

We have now fully funded for two years of school in Nigeria at the Lord Guard school for Faith and Destiny. Both children come from single mothers and would not have the opportunity to attend school otherwise. Every few months we receive updates on the children which include photos, videos and their report cards. 

Local & International Street missions

A street mission is when a person or a group of people take toiletries to the poorest parts of developing countries and distribute items to those in need. 

Each winter we also complete street missions in Toronto for the homeless, we bring blankets, socks, mittens and clothing donations to those who are living on the street. 

( The Karebear Community will fully fund these missions in return for receipts, photos, videos etc ) 

The goal of conducting a street mission is to create more awareness to the poverty overseas as well as to help get other people involved.