Help Today


Kara Granger

Our founder Kara started the Karebear Community in 2013 because she felt the need to give back to numerous non-for profits and host events to encourage other volunteers to discover what they are passionate about and get involved. 

Claudia St. Marie

Claudia spends her time hosting fundraisers for a cancer hospice in Bali, helping animals in need worldwide and regularly visits the Remar Orphanage in Elsalvador. She also spends a lot of time volunteering at the Interval house. 

Rashi Bindra

Rashi believes in empowering women and devotes her time volunteering with numerous charities. As the head event planner for our annual Karebear event she makes sure everything runs smoothly and helps recruit additional volunteers. 

Holly Carroll

Holly is passionate about giving back internationally and working with animals. As Miss Canada Tourism 2018 she aspires to use her platform to encourage others to do more and give back. 

Rinn Maximus

Rinn specializes in volunteer recruitment, volunteering and PR for The Karebear Commuity.

Eve Fischer

Eve is an active volunteer with Interval House and supports The Karebear Community any way she can. 

Ryan Peddigrew

As a big supporter of The Karebear Community, Ryan is passionate about connecting with people around the world. He has worked with many charities and recently conducted his first street mission with the Karebear Community in Mexico City where he handed out toys and toiletries to those in need. Ryan looks forward to planning and conducting many more street missions in the very near future.

Josh Powers

As someone who finds pride in giving back, Josh is passionate about helping others and volunteering at women's shelters.